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BUSTED: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Caught Lying to Bishop!

REPOST: Check it out: In perjuring priest Bob Malm’s court filings, he PROVES conclusively that he lied to bishop Shannon Johnston. Yup, this comes directly from his own court filings, and is an email he sent to the bishop.
Specifically, he claims that I left RPJ Housing prior to coming to Grace. As he well knows, that is a boldfaced lie:
  • I hired Kelly while a member of Grace Church, and based largely on her mother’s comment that they could really use the money, as Kelly had not worked for an extended period of time.
  • Bob Malm discussed issues involving Kelly Gable and RPJ Housing with Elizabeth Legere in January 2014, and with Kelly Gable and me.
  • Patrick Crerar and I discussed my employment with RPJ Housing multiple times, with my even hiring a member of La Gracia following discussions with him.
  • I hired church member Amy Barron during my time at Grace Church. Amy worked at RPJ Housing’s offices at the Church of the Covenant.

So, if there was any doubt that Bob Malm is a lying POS, this should put those doubts firmly to rest. And if anyone doubts my claims, I will be more than happy to subpoena multiple witnesses who can conclusively show that I was, in fact, executive director of RPJ Housing while a member of Grace Church. So, if Bob doesn’t agree that he lied to Bishop Shannon Johnston, he should file suit for defamation. In fact, I encourage him to do so.

More on Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Online Comments

Some time ago, I posted the link to perjuring priest Bob Malm’s comments from the altar at St. Gabriel’s church, offered on November 1.  Besides being defamatory, un-Christian, and thoroughly stupid, they also would expressly violate new Catholic Church policies about social media use for priests.

Perjuring priest Bob Malm’s comments are on the parish’s Vimeo feed, and can be found here, beginning at 30:02.

And while most would agree that Bob’s comments are inappropriate regardless (except for Susan N0-Criminal-Charges-No-Foul Goff), the Catholic Church in the UK has adopted standards that expressly would make perjuring priest Bob Malm’s comments a violation of church policy. Below are the relevant provisions:

Past Thanksgivings

As the pandemic rages and many ignore government requests to avoid travel this holiday season, it seems timely to share images of the Thanksgiving meals that Mike and I prepared for Grace Episcopal Alexandria, the clergy perjury parish, and St. Paul’s K Street.

Both churches have since discontinued what, to my mind, was a wonderful tradition.

And to perjuring priest Bob Malm, all one can say is, “Good move, knucklehead. Keep on pushing people out of an already dying church and see what happens.”

Appeal Under Way in Massachusetts Litigation

Earlier today, I prepared the requisite notice of appeal to the Wareham District Court in Massachusetts. This is required for an appeal of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s harassment protection order case.

The next step is to get the appeal packet, including transcript and other materials, from the court. Once those are received, materials are filed with the Court of Appeals. These typically include bound legal briefs, which are required for any party that wishes to conduct oral argument.

On other fronts, I am working on the defamation lawsuit against St. Gabriel’s, as well as a lawsuit in federal district court. The former should be done by the end of the week, while the federal lawsuit will take another week or so.

Fun times!


Interesting Wrinkle: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm and Porn Sites

During yesterday’s hearing in Massachusetts, one of the accusations made by perjuring priest Bob Malm was that I have posted photos of his wife Leslie on porn sites. I truthfully denied that claim, but that leads to some interesting questions:

  • On what porn sites does Bob Malm believe photos of his wife appear?
  • How is it that Bob Malm discovered these porn sites?

Hmmm. Is Bob Malm trolling porn sites, allegedly looking for photos of his wife? Someone at St. Gabriel’s?

Inquiring minds want to know. And I would be very curious to see what’s in perjuring priest Bob Malm’s web access logs, both at home and at St. Gabriel’s.

Breaking News: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm Wins in Mass, Admits to Perjury

In Wareham MA district court today, perjuring priest Bob Malm scored a victory in his claim he’s been criminally harassed, despite his admission that he has never been threatened, and his property has never been threatened.

I am evaluating an appeal and will decide in the next day or so.

On happier fronts, perjuring priest Bob Malm admitted under oath, in a recorded proceeding, that he committed perjury in the Virginia case, stating that he had no contact with my mother. That’s relevant, as he claimed that as his basis for his claim that her blog actually was mine. In fact, he claimed that his sworn responses to my interrogatories were something “my attorney did,” attempting to shove responsibility onto Sugarland Chiow. But the reality is that the responses were his, and he is the person who signed the affidavit and the end and had it notarized by Jane Rosman.

I’ll post the recording as soon as I get it.

Check it Out: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Affidavit

As we gear up for litigation in Massachusetts, I recently obtained a copy of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s affidavit. In it, he tries to convince the Massachusettts courts that he’s being harassed due to publication of information about his misconduct. Not only does this smack of Trumpism, but it proves that perjuring priest Bob Malm has learned nothing. Even if he successfully obtains a court order, I will continue to publish, to demonstrate, and to tell the world the truth, which is that Bob Malm is a perjurer.

There are several more documents coming, which I will post shortly.

BREAKING NEWS: As Lawsuit Against St. Gabriel’s Approaches, Police Records Reveal Perjuring Priest Bob Malm’s Games

Earlier today, a source in Massachusetts provided me with copies of police reports involving Bob Malm. The reports make clear perjuring priest Bob Malm’s efforts to game the legal system to try to interfere with First Amendment rights. Further, they clearly state I have not engaged in any illegal activity.

It’s interesting that, in this time of lockdown, and when the Episcopal Church faces serious financial and other challenges, perjuring priest has time to play these sorts of games.

Details in the next few days regarding a lawsuit against St. Gabriel’s.