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BREAKING NEWS: Additional Complaint Filed Against Jeffery Chiow

Earlier today, I filed an additional attorney disciplinary complaint against Jeffery Chiow, who represented Grace Episcopal Alexandria and perjuring priest Bob Malm is the original litigation with me. In my complaint, I allege that Chiow, whose moniker is “Sugarland,” due to his invention, in his legal pleadings. of this mythical town in Texas (not to be confused with… Read More »

See for Yourself: Online Petition Seen Almost 350,000 Times

Check it out. Thanks to the generosity of people who have supported my online petition, both by signing it and by donating to cover paid advertising, it has now been seen almost 350,000 times on Those are heady numbers, especially when you consider that most users are young people. Additionally, the Episcopal Church has less than… Read More »

See for Yourself: Perjuring Priest Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow Refused Efforts to Resolve Conflict

Check it out. Even as recently uncovered emails from perjuring priest Bob Malm talk about how I should, “move on,” perjuring priest Bob Malm and Sugarland Chiow did not take me up on my 2016 offer to do exactly that. Additionally, they denied my request for confidentiality. So, now they have exactly what they asked for: publicity and… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria and Social Media: A Lost Opportunity

Even as Grace Episcopal Alexandria and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia have taken a hammering in the social media over their conduct in this conflict, the sad thing is they have, at best, a dim awareness of the power of social media. In the case of my online petition, more than 300,000 people, many young persons, have seen… Read More »

Grace Episcopal Alexandria Lacks Republican Integrity

It’s no secret that I’m a liberal democrat. But at a time when many in the US stand united in their revulsion at Trump’s recent coup attempt, I have to say this for the Republican party: It has more organizational integrity than Grace Episcopal Church Alexandria, and that’s not saying much. To be fair, Republicans are late to… Read More »

More on the Perils of Disinformation

Mom absolutely loathed Donald Trump and the Q-Anon crowd. With that in mind, I wanted to reinforce what I posted yesterday, which is that Grace Episcopal Alexandria engages in exactly the same sort of disinformation campaign with its claims of domestic terrorism and more. Of particular interest is Jake Chansley aka Jake Angeli, the so-called Q-Shaman, who at… Read More »

Today’s Attempted Coup Reflects Badly on Grace Episcopal Alexandria

Today was a dismal day for American democracy. Much like a tinpot dictatorship, America experienced what can only be described as an attempted coup. Egged on by Donald Trump‘s ugly, reckless rhetoric, today’s storming of the Capitol carried with it shades of the infamous Beerhall Putsch, which brought the Nazis to power. What lessons can be derived from… Read More »

Litigation Documents Added

A few days ago, I added a link to the blog’s menu, “litigation.” Some context may be helpful. In order to avoid a mammoth hyperlink, I just used the word litigation. But what’s behind the link is a OneDrive folder of litigation documents, primarily discovery. There, those who wish to do so can see firsthand the documents behind… Read More »