Bob Malm’s Perjury

Below is Bob’s written statement, made under oath during the discovery phase of our litigation, in which he committed perjury. Mom has NEVER made an appointment with him—of that I am certain. If nothing else, she loathes him. Why would she even want to meet with him? Nor has anyone made an appointment on her behalf or claiming to be her. Period.

Nor is Bob’s perjury inconsequential. Instead, it goes to the very heart of his lies about how he’s been threatened, as he cites this as part of the basis for his conclusion that Mom’s blog actually is mine. So Bob is either guilty of perjury, or he is innocent of perjury by virtue of the fact that he is so mentally ill that he cannot differentiate between truth and his lies.

Bob Malm Perjury


And here is where Bob swore that this statement was the truth; he took his oath before Jane Rosman on April 5, 2018. Jeff Chiow’s signature follows.

And when Bob Malm inevitably tries to lie his way out of this, simply ask him for evidence to support his claim. He has none.

Bob Malm’s statement is a lie. 
Bob Malm’s statement is perjury.
Bob Malm, perjuring priest.

P.S. Don’t agree? File suit for defamation and see what happens.